1. GadgetGuru72's Avatar
    I have read through a bunch of existing threads about BES, but this specific question has not been answered.

    I am setup on my company BES, but my BB is a personal BB. I understand that my employer has the ability to view certain things on my BB, but I'm nearly certain that my employer would not do that. Nonetheless, part of me is still concerned about privacy.

    The BES that we use appears to have little to no restrictions, as I've installed and frequently use several third party applications.

    Further, I have gone into the settings and changed each of the PIM programs to NOT sync wirelessly. I have done this because I want to sync my PIM data with my personal copy of Outlook at home.

    So, my setup is this: (1) BES for receipt of work e-mail, (2) BIS for receipt of personal e-mail, and (3) no wireless sync of PIM data (sync with cable on home computer).

    My question is this: since my PIM data is not being sync'ed wirelessly, can my employer see that information? Again, I doubt they would ever do it, but I'd like to at least know if it's possible. It would give me peace of mind to know that my employer could not view my address book, calendar and task list.

    Anybody know the answer?

    Thanks in advance.
    12-31-07 01:18 PM
  2. John Clark's Avatar
    Yes, they can see all data going to and from your device. If it's not sync'd wirelessly, it's possible they can't see it.

    Assume, though, that everything that comes and goes can be seen, because it can....if they want to.
    12-31-07 02:20 PM
  3. GadgetGuru72's Avatar
    If it's not sync'd wirelessly, it's possible they can't see it.
    Does anybody know definitively whether or not that's possible?

    I'm not concerned about them viewing internet usage and things like that. But, there is something about the thought of having someone view my personal calendar that bothers me a little.

    12-31-07 05:14 PM