1. emscapt47's Avatar
    How do i take off the bottom part of your sig where it says the whole its been sent by a blackberry?
    01-09-09 08:25 AM
  2. johnprimo78's Avatar
    this is in your BIS settings, log onto your BIS acount, go to the email you want to edit, Click "Edit" and that "sent by a blackberry" is in the signature, you can change your signature or leave it blank
    01-09-09 08:27 AM
  3. jbeachy's Avatar
    What he said ^^ but you have to do it from ypour PC, not the handheld device.

    Here's a link to a bunch of carrier's BIS websites - every carrier has one. http://forums.crackberry.com/showthr...53#post1322053 If you haven't created an account, you'll need to do that and be aware that from then on, when you go into your BlackBerry's email config settings you'll need to use the username and pwd you just created.

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    01-09-09 08:38 AM