1. lcooksey's Avatar
    I saw on Crackberry back in January that the Bridge app which will connect your BB to your PlayBook requires you to scan a barcode. I've also read about using barcodes in BBM.

    I have a cameraless Tour 9630 because my workplace doesn't allow any cameras.

    Is there any way use any barcode apps on a non-camera BlackBerry by importing a picture taken with some other camera?

    I don't mind not being able to use the barcode feature in BBM, but I would really hate to be prevented from connecting to a PlayBook because I don't have a camera in my Tour.
    02-04-11 06:10 AM
  2. Xopher's Avatar
    Barcode Assistant lets you create barcodes on your device, plus (if you are running OS 5.0, which the Tour should be) you can import barcode images that are stored on the device. Someone would just need to send you the image file (or copy it over from SD card).
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    02-04-11 02:13 PM