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    When one Playbook update rolled out icons for links to email, I deleted them. As you all know, RIM then sent out an "update" which basically reinstalls what was deleted. When the Android player was leaked it was pretty cool even though it wasn't optimized. Amongst other things, some code blocking that app was sent out with an update.

    These things worry me because QNX will now be in the BB handsets. Will QNX be as controlling with their phones? Even if they won't they have the power to do so. They can just bundle whatever they wish into an update. Technically you don't have to update but thats unlikely. You cannot separate what you do and don't want from the updates.

    On phones will QNX ......block side loading apps? .....force you to keep some apps (like they are doing with Need for Speed and Tetris) ?

    Also we were told that QNX will have the power to send out updates without carrier approval. Will this hurt or help consumers?
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    Well I find what you are saying interesting. How open do you want a platform to be? Do you fear that they are becoming apple?

    Think about this- RIM is creating a user experience where things begin working together better than before. I think bbos is pretty tightly integrated but you have to look at the downsides of it. Compared to iOS, things are not as tightly integrated and in some respects BB OS isn't as fluid.

    If you are looking for open, maybe consider android.

    Also- we haven't really seen a final product with QNX so I think it is far too early to begin judging it.
    09-24-11 08:13 PM
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    People say the want a platform to be completely 'open', as in they can do whatever they want with it, but they also say they want security. These two things do not add up...

    I hope RIM blocks end user sideloading, for security reasons. It's never a good idea to sideload an app you got from some download site, but for some reason people want to do it.

    Yes, RIM will be able to send out most updates without carrier approval. The only thing they will need approval for is changes to the radio stack, which in my opinion is long overdue. I think this HELPS consumers in the long run, because most are too lazy to bother with the update notifications and then complain about the bad user experience with their outdated software. This lets RIM be very nimble about functionality updates and bug fixes and lets them keep the platform consistent across all of their users. I like it.
    09-25-11 10:46 AM