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    So here's my idea for the new QNX "Colt" as far as its buttons go. (I'm sure its too late for RIM to consider this, but maybe for future phones!)

    Some people like capacitive buttons, some like physical, some even like the playbook with just swipes! Why not satisfy everyone?

    Create physical buttons with capacitive sensors that respond to upward swipes! You can press them just like the Storm series. They would be large, very flush, physical buttons with capacitive sensors. It would be ideal if they looked capacitive for appearances. You can turn off the capacitive sensors if you won't use them.

    You can swipe from the button up to the screen to get a menu too!

    Swiping up from the call button: you get a list of recently called numbers or speed dial numbers

    Swiping up from the BB menu button: Give you a menu, or brings up options/settings or w/e

    Swiping up from the back button: ....ummm...I don't know...maybe shows all applications multitasking (like playbook)

    Swiping up from the call end button: Power options or w/e

    These all can be customizable too! Plus, since RIM is being born again with QNX, this adds so much power and flexibility to their OS!

    You can swipe from the green(call) to the red button(end) to unlock the phone. You can swipe from the BB Menu button to the Green call button to get "Call Options" EH eh?
    Anything could be customizable! Think of the productivity!

    What do you guys think?

    Here's a rendered image of what I have in mind.
    The blue arrow is just the direction of the swipe. (Sorry for the crappy rendering).
    09-16-11 09:24 AM