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    My first Blackberry is the Bold 9000. Then I upgraded to Torch 9810. My Torch 9810's microphone seems to be bad now. Everytime I make or receive a call, the other party does not seem to hear me. I have to put the microphone right in front of my lips and use speaker phone so the other party can hear me. The problem with that is I can't do that while in public.

    My phone upgrade choices are BB Q10, iPhone5s, LG G2, Galaxy S4, and Xperia Z1. Only BB Q10 has the removable battery and I suppose the battery lasts as long as those non-removable batteries. Galaxy S4 is nice and all but my younger brother's S3 seemed to kept restarting itself before the 2year phone plan commitment was over. So I don't want that to happen to me. I am leaning more on the Q10 since the native apps mainly the things that I need. I mostly do texting and messaging so not much of calling. I just prefer face-to-face conversation or meeting up for a cup of coffee instead of talking over the phone for a long time. I just don't feel good using a phone with non-removable battery since I keep the phones I used in my cabinet. And if the battery goes bad, then I just remove the old battery and get a new one without having to do phone data recovery after the battery is replaced the manufacturer/service center.

    I have browsed through the Q10 vs iPhone5s for professionals discussion. The "lack of apps" for the Q10 is not of a deal breaker to me. The trackpad also is not much of a deal breaker but would love if BB would bring back the trackpad (I have already browsed the forum thread on that).

    I just want a phone that works out of the box and less bloatware. One reason why I feel bad with my Torch 9810 everytime I see those AT&T bloatware.

    I plan to migrate my iTunes music from my iPod Touch 64GB to the Q10. I do understand that it will drain the battery even with the rated 50-hours of music playing. Not much of a problem since I have my emergency flip phone (LG Revere2) from Verizon Wireless if ever I need to do emergency calls.

    My questions are:
    Does the Q10 handles iTunes music well-like are the iTunes music files playable on the Q10?
    Does the unlocked Q10 that is available that Blackberry U.S.' website does not have the AT&T Wireless bloatware in it?
    Can the unlocked Q10 that is available that Blackberry U.S.' website be used as a GSM for AT&T Wireless and CDMA for Verizon Wireless?
    Does the Q10 have a port for wired handsfree thingy (those earpiece and microphone)?
    If the Q10 has a wired handsfree thingy, is it better than the Torch9810 (I can't use that thing on my Torch due to bad voice quality during a call)?


    P.S. The apps I need are already pre-installed in the Q10 (MemoPad, Tasks, Calendar, Documents To Go, PDF Reader) so apps availability is not much of a problem.
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    The bloatware on the att Q10 doesmt really matter because none of it is running unless you open it. I just leave all of it in a folder on my last app page and pretend it isn't there

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