1. isaacleese's Avatar
    If I picked up a second BlackBerry, could I throw the SIM from my Bold into it, create a new BIS username/login from that phone and set up the same email accounts I have forwarded to my Bold?

    i.e. I have a Bold and a Pearl Flip, and I have my personal and work emails forwarded to both through separate BIS logins? Will I have issues retrieving mail? Is it even possible?
    03-05-09 02:14 AM
  2. rnjstr's Avatar
    It is possible to set up the same email on BIS accounts that are on seperate servers, ie. sprint.blckberry.com or nextel.blackberry.com ect...

    However, if you are trying to set up two different BIS accounts on the same server I am uncertain if this is possible...
    07-29-09 05:31 PM
  3. Sith_Apprentice's Avatar
    Yes it works just fine. Different login names but the same e-mail addresses with different PIN/IMEI
    07-29-09 05:38 PM