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    I'm a " new" BlackBerry user in that I've never used one prior to the all touch bb10 devices. I started with a z10 and now use a z30 that I am more than satisfied with. I have both my daughters and my mother now using z10s. An issue I have is that having never used a bb10 qwerty, or any qwerty for that matter, I'm extremely curious. I really do not want to buy another phone right now. I'm not made of money. This leads me to the possibility of a trade mentioned in the title. I have a z10 for vzw that I purchased on eBay for my daughter. It hasn't really been what it was supposed to be. The war speaker works but is damaged and was when I got the phone. You can use it, but it isn't clear. The other thing with this phone is that it seems to have a hard time taking a charge if the battery completely dies. If you plug it in before it dies it charges normally. If you put in a fresh battery after it dies, it works fine. The phone works as it should otherwise. I have a replacement ear speaker for it as well that after I started trying to replace it myself looked like a good way for me to break a phone. With all that said, here is the proposal. I would like to try a pkb phone and would like to know if anyone here has a q10 that works as it should, doesn't need to be mint, that would be willing to trade it for my z10, with the replacement speaker included. I could buy one on eBay fairly cheap, but I'm attempting to utilize capital I already have. Anyone that might be interested, respond here and we can go from there. I am an honest individual and I have spelled this all out as accurately and straight as I can. This q10 would need to be a vzw phone just in case I didn't state that clearly enough.

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    08-07-15 11:16 AM
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    Not the right forum for these things. - http://forums.crackberry.com/marketp...ell-trade-f14/

    Mind the rules posted. Thanks!
    08-07-15 11:23 AM

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