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    I have a Bold 9000. Up until a few days ago, all my profiles were triggering properly, including some that I created. Now, one of them isn't working correctly. I've got it set to vibrate and ring when the device is holstered, but it only vibrates. I've rebooted. I've deleted and re-created the profile exactly as it was before, but still the same problem.

    Update: it appears the problem is not with the individual profile but rather with the setting of vibrate/Tone. I have the same problem if I set the ringer to vibrate and tone while holstered, but with any of the multiple profiles that I have.

    Any suggestions?
    12-25-09 10:30 PM
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    Problem resolved. Turned out it was PocketDay creating some conflict with profiles. Turned off enable backlight, backlight on hoster removal, and backlight on msg receive and all works now as it should.
    07-03-10 11:18 AM