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    Yes, you are getting warmer, but not quite there. Reason is because that's not really an accurate analogy if you believe the OP is not being a bit demeaning. Obviously his intentions were not to be though, and I understand. But I don't believe the OP situation to be relative to a rare common interest such as your situation. And this is because in-fact blackberrys are NOT rare nor uncommon like what you described in contrast. So no you should not get excited when you see a bb, unless you posses some remorse, or think less of the platform I feel.

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    Fair enough, that's what you feel. But then, may I ask, what exactly is it that compels you to flaunt your device of choice in your signature as you do? Is that not even more demeaning than the OP's expression to all those using something other than a Galaxy Note, of which there are many, many more than those using something other than a bb? Just asking.
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    Hey I'm a prof, and I have a Bold! I just impressed myself!

    Sometimes during the few minutes before class I chat with students about what gadgets they have. As I've mentioned before, a minority, but not a tiny minority, also have BBs. About 15%. And there are a few who have decided to reject the whole smartphone trend. They've given up their iPhones, Androids, and BBs for cheap feature phones, and claim that they feel better for doing it. Makes for interesting discussions.
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