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    Please educate me, or point me to a link where I can be educated on this.

    I have:
    1. Bold 9900 on BIS internet service
    2. Wifi PlayBook
    3. Laptop with home wifi access

    I would like to be able as productive and efficient as possible with my Blackberry devices.
    I currently access my calendar on any of my three devices, depending on which one I'm using at the time, but it's not very productive to input a specific calendar event on three different devices. Is there a way to input a calendar event in one of my three devices and have it sync automatically among the other two devices? Maybe using a common platform such as Gmail, Yahoomail, Live, Hotmail, etc.

    Can it be done? If not, am I left with will I have to pick only one of my three devices to be designated as my main device for calendar events in order to keep track of all my events easily and all in one place?

    Thanks in advance!
    See Pic for visual depiction of my dilemma
    08-08-12 03:38 PM
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    Luckily, this isn't especially too hard.

    What you need to do is choose a calendar of choice. Personally, I use gmail, but you could use hotmail/live and yahoo as well. Once you make your account, on your phone, simply open the setup app, and click on email accounts. This will sync the email (I'm not sure if you have the option of getting around the email part) and you will have options to sync the calendar and/or contacts too. It's that simple. This is BIS calendar sync

    On your playbook, all you need to do is open the options, click on accounts, and add the account you created with one of the email providers you mentioned above (gmail, hotmail, etc.). This will sync everything you choose. Whatever you input to your pb will show up on the online calendar, and from there will be automatically synced to your phone. Same thing goes for the other way around, from phone to online to your pb.

    Now the pc is a different story, as I don't know which calendar client you use. Outlook? Either way, I don't have a specific answer, but it is absolutely possible to sync to your pc as well.

    On a side note, since i use gmail, I can give you a heads up that you cannot invite attendees from the playbook calendar with it. It is not yet supported at this time. However, attendees you invite from your phone, or on the online calendar, or from your pc is no problem, and WILL show up on your pb calendar, you just cannot invite from the pb if using a gmail account.

    Hope someone can add more info if they can, but this should give you a good head start

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    08-08-12 07:45 PM