1. slattery69's Avatar
    anyone else having problems receiving messages from gmail. ive not recieved any since last night.
    resent the service books and deleted and re added the account but still not receiving any, oddly i can send fine from the account but not recieve
    07-21-10 05:29 AM
  2. Nozzles Brewin's Avatar
    No issues with Gmail here (verizon, NH) try a battery pull? simple but worth a try
    07-21-10 06:54 AM
  3. slattery69's Avatar
    thanks for relpy . yes ive tried that and still not coming through sending is ok, might be a problem with my service provider vodaphone , ill see if its the same later
    07-21-10 08:53 AM
  4. bbdub's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue- no emails on gmail since last night
    07-21-10 09:00 AM
  5. John Yester's Avatar
    07-21-10 09:08 AM
  6. slattery69's Avatar
    thanks for reply
    im in the uk on vodaphone and its on gmail ive got the problem rest of the email accounts are working fine as is facebook and twitter
    07-21-10 09:23 AM
  7. kcmo's Avatar
    I'm not experiencing any issues but I'm in Houston.
    07-21-10 09:33 AM
  8. redwanhuq's Avatar
    I'm in Maryland. Having issues with receiving emails on the phone on Verizon on my Bold 9650 ever since early this morning.
    07-21-10 10:55 AM
  9. LorriSeymour's Avatar
    Hi Slattery

    I am in the UK and with Vodafone (I replied to you on the Vodafone forum too) and have the same issue

    I can send sky (gmail) email but not receive them

    A few came in overnight, but since then nothing

    My other two email accounts are fine

    I have spoken with Vodafone who say there is not a known issue

    I have spoken with Sky who say the same
    07-22-10 05:10 AM
  10. 38 Special's Avatar
    Same issue here on Swisscom Switzerland since yesterday. Gmail messages are not being pushed to the BlackBerry, or only by block 2 or 3 times a day.
    07-22-10 05:35 AM
  11. ironsunrise's Avatar
    Haven't been having any issues here (US - T-mobile).
    07-22-10 05:52 AM
  12. LorriSeymour's Avatar
    Same issue here on Swisscom Switzerland since yesterday. Gmail messages are not being pushed to the BlackBerry, or only by block 2 or 3 times a day.
    That is just what is happening here with me in the UK

    What is odd though - I have set up a brand new Gmail account on my BB and that is working just fine, but my two existing ones still won't work
    07-22-10 06:27 AM
  13. slattery69's Avatar
    still the same for me vodaphone say its not them blackberry say its not them and google dont offer help so stuck now
    07-22-10 09:38 AM
  14. LorriSeymour's Avatar
    Hi again Slattery

    I *think* that I have resolved the issue, it has been working ok now for a couple of hours.

    What I did, was delete the email account and add them manually through mobileemail.vodafone.net , rather than allowing the wizard to do it through my BB

    1. Sign into mobile email
    2. Delete the account you have the issue with
    3. Click 'set up email'
    4. Add the email address but DO NOT add the password in, instead click on next
    5. In red you will then see "The email address or password is incorrect, or we need more details to set up this email. Retype the information or provide additional settings' - Click on PROVIDE ADDITIONAL SETTINGS
    6. Leave POP/IMAP selected
    7. Enter in your password
    8. Fill in email server (mine was pop.tools.sky.com) which I think is pop.gmail.com
    9. Enter your username, remember to put the @gmail in though
    10. Click next

    Once it is set up, click on edit on the email and you will see an advanced tab, which shows the email server as IMAP.

    I have done this for the two Sky accounts that I had the issue with and so far it seems ok
    07-22-10 10:59 AM
  15. slattery69's Avatar
    sadly made no difference still wont work tried everything now and at a loss why its happening as it doesnt seem to be a universal problem
    07-22-10 01:09 PM