1. dk0013's Avatar
    I have three email accounts setup on my blackberry - a gmail, a hotmail and an exchange account. They were all working fine until about a week ago when messages deleted or read from my blackberry stopped being deleted or shown as read from the inbox. Now I'm not getting any messages sent to my blackberry at all from hotmail or exchange, but I can still send messages from both accounts. I reset the password for both accounts, but that didn't help. Gmail is working fine. Can anyone help?
    02-15-10 12:09 PM
  2. PartyGurle's Avatar
    Did you ever find out a fix? I'm having the same problem with both my Hotmail and Roadrunner email account and it's frustrating having to filter through all the email in my inbox trying to figure out which ones I've read, needed to keep, and needed to delete when I've already done it all on the Blackberry.
    03-06-10 11:54 AM