1. Sokkermick's Avatar
    So my problems are significant given the nature of the application. I downloaded the 7 day trial for Garmin mobile when it was released for the Storm some time ago. It expired and just recently I purchased the full application. However now my voice directions don't work, nor does the screen stay up (the backlight timer times out, eventually the security timer times out and locks my BB). I have checked all of the permissions, reinstalled the app (email from garmin tech support suggested that would fix the problem), upgraded my OS (i'm running the leaked .132) and done pretty much everything short of a full device wipe and reinstall.

    Does anybody have any advice?
    04-29-09 08:58 PM
  2. AtomicFireball's Avatar
    I found out that if you have Weatherbug installed it messes with your GPS and your use of Garmin mobile. I tested this by installing and uninstalling Weatherbug several times and found this to be true. Hope this helps!
    05-07-09 02:14 PM