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    DM will not detect device. I'm running DM 4.3 on a Vista PC and DM works perfectly until I install the handheld OS on the PC then DM will not detect the BB. I've tried manually detecting it and everythig that I've read on this site and I simply cannot figure this out. If I want to do any kind of updating or installing
    on my BB thru DM I have to do it on my wifes PC running XP.
    I'm using the same vendor so that's not the problem.
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    05-03-08 07:00 PM
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    Have you tried uninstalling the OS to see if that fixes the problem? If the OS is from a vendor other than your own carrier, you'll need to find/delete the vendor.xml file.

    The DM will assume you want to use the most recent OS installed on your PC, but if it's from a different vendor, and you haven't deleted the vendor.xml file, it won't load it for you.
    05-03-08 08:38 PM
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    It's the same vendor. And I've uninstalled the OS and DM still wont detect the BB until I either uninstall DM and reinstall it or restore the PC to before I installed the OS.
    05-03-08 09:14 PM
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    Uh oh...I must have stumped the experts!

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    05-05-08 07:27 AM
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    I finally fixed it...Thanks for all your help.
    05-09-08 08:57 PM
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    Looking at the thread, it doesn't look like the forum helped you much, but if you'll post how you fixed it, you might save the next person the same grief.
    05-09-08 10:37 PM
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    You're right I didn't get much help at all...But I really appreciate the ones who did at least try to help!

    How I fixed it was with DM open and the BB plugged in I opened the PC's device manager and uninstalled the device (Blackberry) driver and then unplugged it. Then I plugged the BB back in to the PC and let the drivers auto-install and VIOLA! DM detected the BB. Of course if & when 4.5 ever gets released I'll probably have to do this again.

    You know what's funny & aggravating about this is? This problem started a few months ago when I tried to upgrade the OS on my 8830 then I got a 8130 and had the same problem now I finally fixed it with my 8330. But all this time I got very little help and I'm pretty sure I tried what I did to fix it before, maybe the difference was keeping DM open while unistalling and reinstalling the device driver.
    05-10-08 09:33 AM
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    You lost me with "Vista" in your original post. That's why I was really curious to see how you solved it. Makes me glad my employer is staying at XP SP2 for now. I don't know that Vista users have more problems than XP users, but their problems are usually different. Thanks for sharing.
    05-10-08 09:41 AM
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    You'll probably get an update to XP SP3, my wifes PC just updated the other day.

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    05-10-08 10:09 AM