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    I have over 3000 contacts in Outlook, and just upgraded from a Palm Treo 680 to the Bold 9700. All my contacts for couples have as their "name" something like "Bob & Linda Merriweather" - where it's the husband's first name, the "&" symbol, the wife's first name, then the last name. Desktop Sync with the Bold messes this up, where I now have multiple entries for each couple, and the Name/File As fields are messed up. The Name is now "Bob & Linda & Linda Merriweather", and the "File As" field is now "& Linda Merriweather, Bob & Linda".

    How can I stop this? In addition, as I said, when I sync, it seems to DUPLICATE these contacts - at least on the phone itself. I now have 3 separate copies of each couple?

    Frankly, the Outlook connectivity is VERY annoying so far, nothing like KeySuite + my Treo. Is there possibly a better sync program for outlook to the Bold II?

    FWIW, this is just Outlook on my personal machine, and it is not an Exchange server.

    Any insight would be helpful!

    03-19-10 02:02 AM