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    Hi guys my mom just bought me the Bb Curve 9360 in September the 6th, in the first few weeks the phone was working good and some of the phones features and the performance impressed me. I was really proud of my descision since I was battling with choices between the 9320 and the 9360. Now since I've installed apps in the phone, sometimes it freezes. Also when I begin to use the phone for example talk to ppl on Whatsapp or listen to music or surf the web the phone gets incredibly hot reaching 38 degrees. The battery performance is horrible, once the phone is on 3G&2G the battery starts draining, its really annoying me because I send stuff to ppl all the time and I need to put the 3G on but once its on the phone gets warm then the battery life goes but my other friend keeps her phone on 3G all the time and she has no problem with the battery life (Samsung Galaxy Y Pro), by the way the resoloution is brilliant as well as the camera and the performance. Also one problem with the browser, whenever I browse the internet it always says "the web browser closed unexpectedly do u want to reload the pages u had" it irritates the living day lights out of me and when I got so fed up with the battery life that I even asked my parents to get me a 1800 mah battery....a 1800 MAH battery and they didn't want to. Sometimes I really don't want to even use the phone at my friends house because I'm afraid the battery is going to drain and sometimes I have to swich the phone off because when its on standby it still looses like 5% battery life. I'm actually suprised that bb made a 1000 mah for this phone, my old Samsung chat 322 even had 1000 mah battery. Sorry this is such a long review (whatever u call it) but I really wanted this phone and now I think its just a waste of money(R3300) and that I should of chose the 9320. Right now my battery is at 20% and I'm really starting to regret getting the phone that I really wanted. Any answers or suggestions will help, pls give them to me ASAP before I end up throwing this good looking phone to the wall just like I did with my old Samsung. Thanks
    12-06-12 12:15 PM
  2. ichat's Avatar
    Ok, please do not complain.

    As you may have known, if not, hate to break it to you but putting lots of apps messes up a blackberry. For your battery, please try keeping around 10 apps max

    Whatsapp is the tiest app ever created. If you have no need for it, delete it but if you use it a lot, then keep it but try deleting other apps to compensate for that poorly built app.

    Lastly, have you updated your device to the latest firmware? Stock firmware is always crappy so updating should solve your problems. Also, keep your battery outside of your phone for an hour at night or when You're not using it to keep it cool

    Please, let's make solutions and not complain about the problems so much.

    Sent from my Nintendo NES
    12-06-12 01:18 PM
  3. raino's Avatar
    ^^Just to let you know, having 1 or 500 apps on your phone has NOTHING to do with the battery or RAM, unless you're running a lot of them at the same time. So "deleting other apps to compensate for that poorly built app" won't necessarily help.

    OP, Whatsapp is a memory hog and a battery hog when it's running in the background. Make sure you exit out of it when you're not using it. Keep in mind you're using a 800 MHz CPU with 512MB RAM.

    The web browser issue sounds like you're overloading the browser. Do you visit a lot of non-mobile sites, like, say, espn.com instead of m.espn.com? You may want to limit how many browser tabs you have running, and visit the mobile versions of sites, if possible.

    And finally, you may want to look into upgrading your OS, and maybe getting that 1800 mAh battery. You can find out about different OSes and batteries in the 9360 sub-forum. Good luck.
    12-06-12 01:34 PM
  4. ichat's Avatar
    Sorry about that problem in the details. However, I believe a lot of apps do rely on background usage and therefore kinda drain.

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    12-06-12 01:41 PM
  5. Lutho's Avatar
    I've only downloaded 9 apps and sorry if I was complaining too much. Its just that all the phones I get give me problems and thank you for the answer to the browser problem it really helped and I don't know what firmware is but I think its something to do with the OS and I've got the 7.1.0 bundle 1133.Thanks for the suggestions and answers but I haven't still got the answer is to why the phone gets incredibly hot. And I just wanted to ask if an 800 MHz is a fast processor? And what's ram? I'm asking that because I think I don't have to worry about that because I have a 4GB memory card. Thanks
    12-06-12 03:08 PM
  6. raino's Avatar
    Well, when you put too much stress on the phone (running too many apps simultaneously, for example), it will overheat.

    As to whether 800 MHz is a fast processor, that depends on what the user's needs are. For example, when I bought my 624 MHz processor 9780, it was great for my needs. However, now, it's falling behind since my usage has evolved.

    RAM is, in very basic terms, the memory available to run processes. It's not the same as storage space (memory cards, on-board storage, etc.)
    12-06-12 06:50 PM
  7. crackberryjill's Avatar
    I have a 9360 and love it. Long battery life (unless I use the flashlight a lot, which I do on the farm sometimes), and no issues anywhere. Now, I don't have many apps on it, although the wifi, bluetooth and bridge are constantly on. I use it mostly for phoning and texting, with the odd bit of internet usage. And bridge. Love that bridge.

    Mine has never overheated, but I only have a total of 40 apps on it, and most of them were there when I got the phone.
    12-06-12 07:25 PM
  8. Kwsn's Avatar
    I have read quite a few post here and other places about the battery overheating. I had an 8330 for 2 years and now a 9310. If the device is always trying to keep a good connection to the network because of a poor signal, it drains the battery. If your using you device constantly while the charger is plugged in it keeps the battery hot and decreases your battery life. It's best to charge then take it off and use it, then charge again when your not using it. This keeps the device cooler and keeps the battery life from degrading faster than what would be considered normal. The battery performance on my 9310 is outstanding. I use it constant through the day and still have about 40% left when I get home. This is with email, text, some apps, web browsing and youtube. I would get a new battery as has been suggested, but be carefull not to use it a lot while it's charging.
    12-06-12 08:03 PM
  9. raino's Avatar
    If your using you device constantly while the charger is plugged in it keeps the battery hot and decreases your battery life. It's best to charge then take it off and use it, then charge again when your not using it.
    Sorry, but this is not true of Lithium-ion batteries. Read point#1 here.
    12-06-12 08:12 PM
  10. Kwsn's Avatar
    Sorry, but this is not true of Lithium-ion batteries. Read point#1 here.
    Show me anywhere in my post where I said to fully discharge (deep cycle discharge per your link)your battery then charge it. I simply said to not use your device constantly while its charging because it will cause the battery to over heat and degrade the battery life faster, and to charge it when your not using it.

    Re-read my entire post then Google and you will find that such is true of lithium-ion batteries.
    12-06-12 10:39 PM
  11. raino's Avatar
    Show me anywhere in my post where I said to fully discharge (deep cycle discharge per your link)your battery then charge it. I simply said to not use your device constantly while its charging because it will cause the battery to over heat and degrade the battery life faster, and to charge it when your not using it.

    Re-read my entire post then Google and you will find that such is true of lithium-ion batteries.
    You seem to be contradicting

    Studies have shown that the higher the charge level is at before you charge again, the longer the lifespan of your battery will be. (Meaning: The less you use before you charge again, the longer your battery will serve you)
    If what you're saying is not contradictory, then I misread your post, and that's my bad.
    12-06-12 11:23 PM
  12. Lutho's Avatar
    Thanks for the answers and I don't use my bb 9360 when it is in the charger( I swich it off and then I charge it). Another thing is that when I put the battery in the phone this morning I said my long morning prayer and when I was done praying then it only finished rebooting, so I just think that it takes long to reboot now??? The apps I have are Advance OS and LED, Whatsapp, Opera Mini, Screen Grabber, Wikitude and Daily Devotionals, I deleted the other ones that I had. Another thing is I don't put stress on the phone at all (I listen to music then it gets so hot, or when I talk on Whatsapp). Oh and I wanted to ask if the bb 9360 is a better phone than the bb 9320?? Thanks
    12-07-12 01:07 AM
  13. eddy_berry's Avatar
    Hi there. I have a 9360 and can't live without it. I don't have overheating or battery drain problems. I hope whatever I say next helps you out. If not, especially for overheating battery, I would see if exchange under warranty is possible. Batteries can be made defective too, although not a common issue and can happen to any device. Take for example my friends Samsung Galaxy S2. Overheating with little use or while on and charging plus a seriously low battery life may be a sign of a defective battery.

    First off, current 9360 software is 7.1 bundle 1647. First thing you should always check is for software updates. You need to install Blackberry Desktop software on your home computer to do the update. It may take a while, not too long, but make sure nobody disconnects your phone from the computer. The next thing you should do with any phone after setting it up with contacts, emails, settings, apps, is a back up.

    After you are all set up and have the apps you need it all comes down to how you use your device. Holding down that BB button will show you running apps. It should only display HOME/PHONE/MESSAGES/BROWSER/BLACKBERRYMESSENGER as default. Any other apps running should only be running if you are using them. I find WhatsApp does drain memory and slows down the device which in turn drains the battery faster. Press that BB button and choose 'close application' to properly close app. Hitting the Hang Up button does not and most people do that anyway.

    Shutting down your device to charge it at night should not need to be done. I don't like that 2 minute startup either, but it doesn't bother me because I only need to restart after applications update or uninstall. Which isn't very often. Put your phone in bedside mode at night.

    Lastly, if you already do all this and you've still managed to read up to this point, get your phone battery replaced it may just be defective. Hope any of these tips help ease the issues on the phone. I did all this from new and never had problems with my 9360.
    12-07-12 04:14 AM
  14. Lutho's Avatar
    I put my phone off at night and I somethimes leave it on charge till I wake up. I put my phone on bedside mode when I'm not using it and I think the battery might be defective or swollen but I can't tell if a battery is swollen or not. Thanks for the stuff with bb software, just to tell u, I have the bb OS 7.1.0 buddle 1133 and I just wanna know if I can upgrade it??? And is the bb 9320 better than the 9360????????????????
    12-07-12 04:47 AM
  15. akk60's Avatar
    My 9360 only drains battery and becoms hot when I have 2 bars of connection. And you must update your software to 7.1 if you want it to run smoothly. Also delete the apps that you rarely use and whatsapp , because it fills up the memory very fast. If you don't want to delete whatsapp try rebooting the device once a day to keep the memory clean.

    Sent from my A$$ Kickin Berry using Tapatalk
    12-07-12 05:05 AM
  16. eddy_berry's Avatar
    ...just to tell u, I have the bb OS 7.1.0 buddle 1133 and I just wanna know if I can upgrade it??? And is the bb 9320 better than the 9360????????????????
    As I mentioned, my 9360 is showing latest OS 7.1.0 bundle 1647. 1647 > 1133. You can always check for an update of OS 7 by connecting it to your computer with BlackBerry desktop software.

    As for which is better, 9360 or 9320. Quick google search shows they are almost identical. Except 9360 has better screen resolution and better camera, but a slightly smaller battery. Everything else is the same. You aren't missing out on much other than a few extra hours of battery life. I like the 9360.

    If you even think your battery could be defective save yourself headaches and just get it replaced asap. Like I mentioned, my friend has a samsung that overheats and dies quickly. Battery is defective. It can happen. Go exchange it. If it still is a problem after all that then I'm stumped.
    12-07-12 06:37 AM
  17. amjass12's Avatar
    blackberry 10 will solve your problem op.

    I go through the same with my phone... slower performance with many apps.. or prolonged use... the black clock, burning battery, the works....

    don't suffer any of this with my playbook... so really can't wait to get my hands on the l-series
    12-07-12 11:41 AM
  18. Lutho's Avatar
    I love the 9360 to!!!! And Thanks for your guys concern about this, thank you for the suggestions and answers. So I must reboot my phone everyday, put the baTtery out the phone everyday to keep it cool, beg for that 1800 mah battery, not put my phone on too much stress,try to get bb 10 and where can I get that 1800 mah battery??
    12-07-12 03:52 PM
  19. eddy_berry's Avatar
    :what: I'm speechless.
    12-07-12 04:12 PM
  20. Lutho's Avatar
    What do u mean, I'm a teen and I want to find out what I must do to solve this problem
    12-07-12 04:54 PM
  21. eddy_berry's Avatar
    Ok, I want to help after all. I told you exactly what you needed to do but I'll be more specific. Take your phone to your mom and tell her this:

    "Mom, my new phone gets really hot and doesn't last long when I use it and I asked online and someone (that's me) told me that it isn't normal and the battery or the phone could be defective. So, if you still have the reciept, I would like you to take me to the store to see if they can replace the phone for me."

    Easy? Yup.If your phone is a few months old, it doesn't last long and gets really hot just exchange it. Its your right as a paying customer to get a phone that works normally. That isn't normal and don't let anyone tell you it is. It isn't.

    If the replacement does the same thing after a few weeks and starts getting hot, I would suggest you follow my previous posts and start managing your apps and close them properly. Especially WhatsApp and Browser. Also turn off WiFi and BlueTooth if you do not use them. And like I said before, update and backup your device. Need any specifics on how to do something please ask.
    12-07-12 08:34 PM
  22. Lutho's Avatar
    I got another problem with my Blackberry 9360 smartphone. When i put my bb earphones in the smartphone i notice it won't play the music on my earphones. I tried everything, i selected the option to activate the headset but all it does is pauses the song (like when you disconnet the earphones from the 3.5mm jack audio) then the black thing with the volume thing pops up. Whats up with my phone?? And Im using the the Blackberry Curve 9360 earphones so it shouldn't have a prblem playing the music on the earphones.
    03-21-13 04:12 AM
  23. Black Perm's Avatar
    Well who really gives a crap about Blackberries anymore, BIS is about to be cut down to some stupid service and the phones are always complaining about low memory, so screw BB get another phone like a Nokia or Samsung! i have the same problems with my 9320, now i hate the whole RIM programmers and Developers, they are useless!!!!!
    03-27-13 09:00 AM
  24. Brandon Xqizit Moodley's Avatar
    Hello I also have a 9360 for about 2 years now and it's my 3rd one coz the other 2 had terrible software but with the 3rd 1 I can't upgrade the software because it gets stuck on 12% and doesn't move or stop even after resetting, blackberry battery life is crap phone overheats often sim registration fails often and the phone goes off if I play music or have the flash on and I have to manually reset it so if you think you have problems think again....first and last blackberry and btw the new 200 mb cap is really stupid coz we pay r60 a month for unlimited Internet and 200 mb lasts a few days....blackberry really needs to sort there devices and services out...
    06-03-13 06:50 PM
  25. mymemon's Avatar
    I have 9360 , whenever I install whatsapp it freezes completely. I have tried doing it with all applications deleted nearly but that does not seem to help Any suggestions?
    06-27-13 09:19 AM

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