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    I am having problems with WhatsApp and e-mail. The issue with WhatsApp is really silly, but annoying nevertheless. The phone numbers of my friends are in a different format than the one that shows up in WhatsApp. As a result, I am unable to see any of my phone's contacts in WhatsApp unless I save their number in that particular format. I am from India and my Indian contacts are displayed in +91 xx xx xxxxxx, while my US contacts are displayed as +1 xxx-xxx-xxxx. I usually save the contacts without any spaces or hyphens (as +91xxxxxxxxxx or +1xxxxxxxxxx). It wasn't like this a while ago. Has anyone else been facing a similar problem?

    About e-mail, my phone has stopped receiving emails. I have a gmail account added to it. While I'm able to send emails from my phone, I don't get any e-mails on the device. Been facing this since September 21st. While my world doesn't revolve around me getting my emails on my phone, it was very convenient and did a good job of keeping me away from a computer.

    I have done a battery pull. Deleted and resent my service books. Deleted and reconfigured my email account. Reinstalled WhatsApp. Have done a restore to an earlier date too. However, none of it has helped. Could you help me out here?
    10-06-12 12:44 AM

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