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    Ok, I always had really low data usage bc I use my phone mainly at home and it runs off WIFI. Well this month the data use is really high and the only thing that had changed is I went over to OS 6. When I click on the time it shows that both the mobile network is on AND that my WIFI is on. The name of my WIFI also appears over the time. Do I have to turn off the mobile network when I was it to run off WIFI when I'm home?? By the way I have unlimited data so it really doesn't matter, but the browsing is faster over the wifi

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    02-09-11 12:58 PM
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    Hi There,

    Normally WIFI will be used to browse if you're connect with a WIFI network.
    If not connected data connection will be used.

    Try "Mobile Data Alerter" app to keep an eye on your data usage.

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    02-09-11 03:34 PM
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    That's my issue its showing I'm connected to my wifi but its running my data

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    02-09-11 06:26 PM