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    I have a question regarding using my Bold 9700 without a data plan. I've come back home for a holiday (study away from home) and I've to resort to using a pay as you go sim without a bb data plan. To prevent my credit from getting over, I've had to resort to turning data services OFF. However, this prevents me from using Wifi at home too. This is really annoying and I'd really wish I could use wifi without turning data services on. Is there any way I could possibly work around this?

    06-16-10 12:37 AM
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    Change your default browser to "Hotspot Browser". Then it will default to using WiFi for browsing, instead of your mobile network.

    Options>Advanced Options>Browser>Default browser configuration

    Give that a whirl.
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    06-16-10 01:16 AM
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    I'm in the same situation as the OP and i wanted to add on to his question.

    Will the blackberry use wifi for app world, or any other application?
    06-16-10 02:19 AM
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    Yes it will as long as you have a ? data plan, no plan no app world/bbm etc etc all you'll be able to do is browse the web

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    06-16-10 02:28 AM
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    I tried this... Options>Advanced>TCP/IP>Untick the 'APN Settings Enabled' Option.

    I can turn on Data but FB, BBM and emails still dont work...only the browser, twitter till now ... have to try the other apps..oh well...something's better than nothing
    06-16-10 04:41 AM
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    The problem is on pay as you go the data plan is activated automatically..
    06-16-10 04:42 AM
  7. dannylill1981's Avatar
    for facebook you should still be able to use the mobile site over wifi but the facebook app wont work, bbm can only work on a sim card with BIS enabled, same with e-mails. Obviously on the sim your using the BIS isnt enabled.
    06-16-10 08:30 AM