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    I have my Pearl hooked up to the Bluetooth handsfree in my Nissan cube (yes, I drive a cube), and it seems whenever I place or receive a call through the Bluetooth the phone does not want to come back to life.
    I put my BlackBerry in standby mode (by pressing the mute key) every time I'm not using it. If I happen to make a call through the Bluetooth, the phone takes quite a while to respond when I try to use it afterwards. The screen remains black (though the phone is definitely on - if I have a message, the light continues flashing), no matter which buttons I press until it eventually kicks in, anywhere from a few seconds later to so long I get frustrated and take the battery out. When it finally does kick in, it just pops up with the "In standby mode. Press the mute key to exit standby mode," message and then works normally after that.
    Anyone else have this problem with Bluetooth through a vehicle?
    07-17-10 12:25 AM