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    Hey everybody,

    I have searched the entire net I think, i have called Three, I have mailed Vodafone and now you are my last hope

    The thing is, I have a sim from Three in Denmark with the Blackberry data plan on it.
    Recently I have bought two Blackberries from UK over eBay, a Bold 9700 and a Storm 2.
    When I put my sim into the Bold it recognizes the data plan and I can set up my email, use BBM, and so the 3G has the little Blackberry logo next to it.
    When I put it in the Storm 2 I cant use anything. In the Host Routing Table it says "No entries" and I can't set up a BIS-account, it only asks if I want to use a BES-account and I don't get the BB-logo next to the 3G.
    The Bold has vendor id 603 so it is unbranded. The Storm 2 has a ID from Vodafone Malta (Which is weird since Vodafone Malta don't offer the Storm 2).

    Three in Denmark only offers one Blackberry and that is the 9700 but that should not mean anything, should it? I mean, the data plan is active and useful on a 9700 which is not from Three, so why not on the Storm 2?

    So is this a lost cause and I should send the Storm back or have I overlooked something?
    Any help is much appreciated
    05-17-10 03:19 PM