1. ric121's Avatar
    I have this issue that nobody at work has been able to solve, and I am desparate...

    I have 2 profiles on my outlook, one called "Exchange", which is configurated with the corporate exchange server (email, calendar, contacts etc...), one "Local" configurated locally where all my contacts are.

    I want to synchronize the "local" contacts on my bb8700 but keeping the email configuration with the corporate server.

    Each time I synchronize the BB with "local" contact through the desktop software, the BB stopped receiving emails from the corporate server. I had to reset totally the BB (Option->Security->General) to get the email work back. But then the BB syncrhonizes the contacts with the Corporate server, not my "local" contact. I have tried the Desktop software with both outlook profiles with no difference.

    Anyone has a clue ?

    02-02-08 01:19 PM
  2. radimus's Avatar
    Have you tried turning off the wireless sync for the Blackberry's address book?

    Another thought. Instead of using two profiles in Outlook why not just open the PST file (aka Outlook Data File) that you use for your Local profile after starting Outlook in the Exchange profile? The in the Blackberry Desktop Software you can configure it to sync the address book with the Contacts folder inside the PST file?
    02-02-08 09:01 PM
  3. ric121's Avatar
    Yes, I did turn oof the wireless sync for address bokk, notes and tasks. But it just avoid to synchronize remotely.

    Your second idea is exactly what I do currently to work with Outlook on my PC, but then this is when the problem arises: as soon as I synchronize once with the Desktop Manager, the BB stops working with the Excahge server and I can't send or receive mail anymore. It is like if the Sync from the Desktop Manager was reconfigurating the email account...

    02-03-08 03:09 AM