11-23-11 01:06 PM
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  1. ultra07's Avatar
    I can not login on the new website. I fill in the email address and my password, then I get an error message that says:
    Image pointed to must exist (input stream must not be null)

    + stack trace
    +component tree
    + scoped variables

    Anyone have any idea what all this means? Besides that I better not lose my BB!
    11-11-11 03:54 PM
  2. zgods1's Avatar
    1. Are you sure that you're using your blackberry ID EMAIL and if it won't log in, hit forgot password, reset your password then log-in. If still getting the same error is obviously a browser issue and you will need to re-install your browser or use different one.
    11-11-11 04:37 PM
  3. ultra07's Avatar
    Changed password, same error message. Switched from Firefox to IE, got same error message. I am using the same email address that I use to log in to app world. The new password works there.
    11-11-11 06:34 PM
  4. ultra07's Avatar
    even tried on a different computer, same error message!
    11-11-11 06:59 PM
  5. hornlovah's Avatar
    I get the exact same error message using Firefox 8 on a Windows 7 box. My BlackBerry is encrypted, so I don’t have BB Protect installed.
    11-11-11 08:08 PM
  6. robsteve's Avatar
    What URL are you using? I just tried and I could log in using my PlayBook.

    Try blackberry.com/protect . It should get you to your country specific web site.
    11-11-11 09:11 PM
  7. ultra07's Avatar
    I tried that url also. Same error message. I have tried logging in from the BB web site also still get the error message.
    11-12-11 07:14 AM
  8. ultra07's Avatar
    Just tried on my Playbook, same error message!
    11-12-11 07:23 AM
  9. ultra07's Avatar
    update: I created a new BB id, deleted protect off the phone, downloaded it again and installed. Logged in to the protect web site and it loaded. Exited out. Went to log back in and got the error message on the new account! Protect will back up my stuff, but I can not log in to check it.
    11-12-11 09:08 AM
  10. arcticberry's Avatar
    I am having the same problem going to the same page as you after trying to log in. Did you get it resolved? Same phone curve 8530. Tried on different comps still no log in. Internet isn't having problems browsing over wi-fi and the phone net connection.
    11-13-11 12:33 AM
  11. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Are you on BIS or BES? BES users cannot use BlackBerry Protect.

    You can manage up to five BlackBerry smartphones from your BlackBerry Protect account. You cannot use BlackBerry Protect on a smartphone that is associated with the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.
    About BlackBerry Protect - User Guide - BlackBerry Protect - 1.1

    You cannot use BlackBerry Protect with smartphones that are activated on a BlackBerry Enterprise Server or
    smartphones that have memory encryption turned on.
    11-13-11 12:47 AM
  12. arcticberry's Avatar
    Are you on BIS or BES? BES users cannot use BlackBerry Protect.
    I am on BIS
    11-13-11 01:53 AM
  13. ultra07's Avatar
    I use BIS also!
    11-13-11 07:31 AM
  14. p_0's Avatar
    having the same problem. only difference is, i lost my phone last night. extremely disappointed right now.
    11-13-11 10:01 AM
  15. arcticberry's Avatar
    Just tried contacting support on blackberry.com through the protect and it wouldn't recognize my PIN to send the information to them so I am thinking the PIN is the problem?
    11-13-11 10:05 AM
  16. p_0's Avatar
    i honestly think it's a website issue.
    11-13-11 10:11 AM
  17. ultra07's Avatar
    I sincerely hope they get this worked out soon! Protect says it backed up my data. With Lookout leaving BB support, Protect is the only other way to find your phone if it is lost!
    11-13-11 06:21 PM
  18. MissoulaMarinerFan's Avatar
    Weird! I'm getting the same issue as well, also w/an 8530, but through verizon. Looks like they foobared something when going to the new website?
    11-14-11 12:54 AM
  19. MissoulaMarinerFan's Avatar
    Odd. If you expand "Scoped Variables", it seems to have all the data/setup/options for your phone that you have setup for BB protect, so it seems to be reading/retaining all that info properly. I agree w/p_0 - this appears to be a website failure of some sort.
    11-14-11 12:57 AM
  20. ultra07's Avatar
    I hope RIM is monitoring Crackberry! Maybe they can get this fixed!
    11-14-11 06:54 PM
  21. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    I just logged in using Firefox 8 in Windows 7. I selected to play a sound, and my device started ringing loudly.
    11-14-11 07:02 PM
  22. ultra07's Avatar
    It appears to be a problem either with the 8530 or OS 5. Everyone that has joined me in complaining and can not log in has an 8530 or is running OS 5.
    11-14-11 07:08 PM
  23. igotberryfever's Avatar
    i have had no problems logging in
    11-14-11 07:39 PM
  24. arcticberry's Avatar
    Still not fixed for me, just tried again. Was lucky new mine was in a certain area when lost the other day so got someone to send me an email to hear the ring tone. Took a while though. If the protect was up and running would have been able to pinpoint it. They better get it fixed soon.
    11-15-11 02:20 PM
  25. ultra07's Avatar
    I totally agree! I can find mine if lost with Lookout, however they have notified Blackberry users they will not support BB phones after February. I think this is because of Blackberry Protect.
    11-15-11 06:54 PM
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