1. Berrychick16's Avatar
    Anyone know why my Curve won't open an MP3 file (ringtone) that came from another cell phone?

    Tried to transfer it from the phone to my Curve via Bluetooth and the message said that 'service not supported' so we Bluetoothed it to a Motorola Q and tried to then Bluetooth it from the Q to my Curve and the same thing. So the Q emailed it to me on my Curve and when I try to open the attachment to save it it won't open it.

    Don't understand that one.

    Any ideas?
    06-02-08 09:14 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    The issue is the separation between device memory and media card memory. Prior to the 8xxx series, there was no media card.

    First, I am assuming you have installed a media card. Connect the Curve to a PC computer using the mini USB connection. Your media card will be recognized as a removable drive. Copying files is straight forward from here.

    There is one condition, the MP3 has to be DRM free. If the file originated from iTunes, it will be DRM protected and a lot tougher to convert for the Curve.
    06-02-08 10:44 AM