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    Contacts are driving me insane!!! It's out of control, seems everyone and their brother has a hidden set and I think that is what is causing the issues.

    So, without my permission? are my contacts sent to Mint Mobile, and, to the sim card and also saved on the sd card and why can't I simply sync the contacts on my phone to my google contacts which is what I used for setting up phone contacts. And why did the contacts I have on google contacts disappear, but if I manually add a new contact on my phone it shows up in google contacts. Also, BBK1 only exports in VCF but Google only imports CSV or vCard! ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH! HELP!
    I want every thing to focus off google contacts, I want to add to gContacts and have it sync to phone and if I add to phone contacts I want it to sync with gContacts, also same if I delete contacts. is this too much to ask!!! BBK1 64GB
    How do I make sure contacts are there are no copies of my contacts at mint sim nor on my sim card nor on my sdCard, only one gContacts on line and on phone, i use the google contacts app on my phone.
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    02-23-19 10:05 AM
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    If there is an option to merge existing contacts, use that. Duplicates will not be shown, instead, it'll appear as one contact.

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    02-25-19 10:03 PM

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