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    OK.. this is not happening to my own phone but with my boss's blackberry.. I'm just trying to fix the problem as a challenge.. i've done everything i can to get it back to normal. heres the problem and everything ive done

    the other day my boss's bb msn stop working correctly.. he couldnt send a message to anybody, couldn't click on his profile, basically all he could do was to access the main window of blackberry msn and nothing else.. couldn't add others contacts and after a few hours his phone died completely.. couldn't start the software and it wasnt a software error cuz as soon as i pushed the power button the little red light went on and inmedietly went off... i tought it could be that the battery was totally drained out so i connected it trough the pc usb cable... when connected to the pc the screen only showed a baterry meter with a lighting icon across.. and didnt even try to start the software... so... knowing that i am a bit of a Berryholic he (my boss) came to me for help and guidance.. and i read in a forum that it was a problem concerning the battery.. so i connected the phone over a night and let it charge.. the next morning Nothing.. i wouldnt start.. and in the afternoon just like that.. nobody touching the phone or anything the berry went back to life.. WEIRD!

    but the problem with the msn continued.. i tryed a full wipe.. didnt work..
    tryed a factory reset with bbsak .. didnt work..
    tryed upgrading bbmsn to ... didnt work..
    i'm sick of this so if anyone could help please it would be so great..

    the berry is a BOLD 9000 running
    and bbmsn

    P.D. after i did the wipe and factory reset bbmsn started working fine.. but after a few hours went back to zombie state. both times (wipe and factory reset)

    thanks anyone who can help me wih this
    12-11-09 03:00 PM