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    Sorry if I posted on the wrong category..

    the trackpad of my bb9300 really annoys me.. Last week i decided to bring it to a cellphone technician.. and he replaced the trackpad... then after the replacement, the trackpad works! But after one day, the trackpad won't work.. I wonder why because It just replaced by a new trackpad..the trackpad scroll by itself now... hang, stick, I can even use the "ON" key.. so when i switch it on i need to pull out the battery and put it back again..Now i wonder, what if the trackpad that the technician used is a trackpad for 8520??? is it okay? that's only the thing that really bothers me... but accdng to my research 9300 and 8520 are quite dsame..
    this is extremely annoying.. So please... please help me.. Thanks in advance
    11-23-11 07:34 PM
  2. ichat's Avatar
    Perhaps the sensor that interprets trackpad movements is faulty.....

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    11-23-11 08:14 PM
  3. dictoresno's Avatar
    simply sounds like the trackpad you got if faulty again. i had 2 replacement Torch 9800's that has bad trackpads. you should get it replaced again.
    11-24-11 05:58 AM