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    I pay $65.00 a month with out a data plan as my boyfriend pays about $100.00 a month with out a data plan. We are thinking about taking our BB and BJ II To Cricket with in the next year. They have unlimited text, talk, web..ect for $50.00 a month. Neither of us travel so reception really shouldn't be a problem.

    I know that two small cons are that I can not text from AIM to a cricket phone nor can I get promo text such as get a FREE sandwhich at arbys...

    Does anyone know if I can still text myspace updates and twitter from my phone if I have cricket. I am sure that I can just get on the web and go there my self with out doing the text..

    Just looking for pro vs con of taking our phones to cricket for 100.00 a month for unlimited everything when now we pay 165.00+
    05-05-09 12:41 PM
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    Well make sure your cricket coverage is amazing in your area. My mom has had cricket for 3 years and hates there service but can't argue with their prices.

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    05-05-09 01:18 PM
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    Yeah i heard it sucked but we don't really travel anymore...and its good where we're at ..gotten better. we had a friend who use to have it. only worry is the beach but we're doing everything we can to save any money we can to get in to a house...
    05-05-09 01:40 PM
  4. eshields1014's Avatar
    cricket is no contract 50.00 unlimted everything
    05-05-09 04:33 PM