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    So, weird question. I have a private owned blackberry. Was getting all email through BIS, but bought single user BES CAL and got configured to employer server. There is no restrictive policy on my berry. I also have empower running to seperate my BES account from general messages folder. Still have 4 other emails running on BIS.

    So, here is the weird question. I have second job that deals with confidential matierial different from first job. Not saying that they WOULD read through BES logs, but does BES have access to the BIS email and messenger messages?

    When I look at default services, email default is my desktop or BES account, messaging through my provider. Does all still go through BES?

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    I'm not sure but I don't think all goes through the BES;only the e-mail account configured for the BES.
    02-04-10 10:36 PM
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    See, I was wondering about that. To me, that makes sense that only the desktop email, cal and contacts, to do, notes would. But then the research I did says that EVERYTHING hits BES, is logged and then is run "out to the world".

    When I look at the BES IT Policy services they include Desktop (AES)
    , BBFS (AES) and WLM (AES). I don't see reference to any other email accounts, BBIM (BBM), SMS or anything else. Anyone confirm it is limited to BES?

    Anyone else know or have thoughts?? Dont want to overkill, but also don't want to risk the info.

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