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    Recently I saw a bluetooth adapter on ebay (BELKIN Bluetooth Wireless USB Printer Adapter F8T031 OP) that allows the hand held devices and smartphones to directly print a document without the need of a PC, I dont know if phones like Blackberry Bold can be used for such thing (if yes then then who needs a computer).

    So yes I am really tempted to know if that Belkin device or any other adapter can act as a medium between the blackberry and a printer.

    Please do tell me if this is possible and also if yes then any other adapters?
    04-20-09 08:27 AM
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    04-20-09 08:34 AM
  3. SMSabir's Avatar
    any more comments?
    04-21-09 05:43 AM
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    Those two would be my suggestions also. What exactly are you
    looking for? Free? Lower cost? What?

    And even if I could print from my phone it is in no way an
    acceptable or adequate replacement to my computer. 2.4in screen
    vs 22in widescreen and a real k/board. BB loses all day every day.
    04-21-09 05:59 AM
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    I saw several applications that offer this when doing a Google search. I used to have eOffice installed on my BlackBerry. It had the ability to print via BlueTooth, but I never tried it. I removed the application to free up space because I use DocsToGo now, and I also do not have a BlueTooth printer.

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    04-21-09 08:16 AM
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    Pk found a new toy!!!! (yea he knows it's been around a while, and why is he talking about himself in the 3rd person!!!???!!!)

    Let me google that for you
    04-21-09 01:52 PM
  7. Fire-Detention's Avatar
    This sounds like a really cool option.
    04-21-09 03:52 PM