1. cvzyl's Avatar
    I set up my newly acquired BB and I absolutely love it.

    I installed the Google calendar sync program to sync my BB calendar with events in my Google calendar. The Google calendar is synced with my work Outlook account (I like using OTA syncing, that's the reason for the convoluted setup).

    When I used the Google app to sync for the first time it started sending out meeting notifications for all the meetings updated in the device calendar. I had about 50 meeting scheduled in the next 4 weeks (sync window) and it started going bezerk sending e-mail notifications to every every person involved with those 50 meetings.

    How do I prevent my device from sending meeting notifications? I only want to be able to sync with Google calendar and when I enter a new meeting on my device it should sync back to my Google calendar which will in turn update Outlook. I don't want it to send any notifications.

    09-12-08 02:07 PM