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    (Note: Not trying to double-post, but I put an identical one of these in the 8830WE sub-forum. Figured that with the scope of the question and the extra exposure I might get better info. Mods, feel free to spank me if I did something reprehensible)

    Hey all, just got a BB 8830WE a few hours ago. This was done kinda as a culmination of info I gathered from an earlier thread. I can't link the other thread due to lack of post count.

    I did some searching through the forums and ran into a number of posts/threads that indicated there's pretty much no way to run shockwave on any cellphone. I was going to put up a few threads in the software forums but before I do I wanted to make sure that the information I have is still current.

    So, is it possible to run shockwave on my BB 8830WE (Or any other cellphone for that matter)? If so, how possible is it? Is this something worth pursuing now or should I just wait 'till the tech catches up with what I want it to do?

    Thanks in advance. Like I said, not looking for too much in-depth stuff (though I'll take that too if you're offering). I just wanted to check my sources before making an *** of myself on your lovely forums. Which may be a foregone conclusion but hey, it happens.
    03-26-09 08:31 PM
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    Just like you already discovered, a BB isn't capable of running shockwave or flash content. It would be a great addition if it was able to but as of right now it isn't possible.

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    03-26-09 08:48 PM
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    Bah. Alright, I'll probably end up returning the phone on Monday. I'll give it a whirl over the weekend but... I was really hoping it would do what I needed it to. Oh well. It was worth trying. Thanks for your time.
    03-27-09 10:58 AM
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    Its possible that OS 5.0 will have flash abilities but hasn't been confirmed yet.
    03-27-09 01:41 PM
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    I'll keep an ear out then. I'm sure that if it does, ya'll will be some of the first to know.
    03-27-09 02:51 PM