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    I stumbled upon a very interesting article by QNX stating that LG Electronics has a prior relationship with RIM, via QNX, through the use of QNX's mini-driver technology. LG phones could use a new OS to compete against Samsung but not only that they have various product lines that would be able to use the new BB10 "Platform". From TVs to Fridges and Air Conditioners, LG could prove to be a very interesting partner and with a previous relationship and a need to differentiate their phones this could be a win win partnership for both companies. Things could get a little interesting in the next year and I'm excited to see what transpires.

    One of the lead customers for the new mini-driver technology is LG Electronics. LG is using the QNX Neutrino RTOS and mini-driver solution in the design of a next-generation telematics system for General Motors in North America.
    08-09-12 12:37 AM