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    Hello all. I've known about crackberry for awhile but never joined up because I currently do not have a Blackberry. With that said, I have been looking at getting a new phone.

    A little background history, was a faithful Motorola flip phone user for many many years, V60, V557 and went back when I was still in school I had a Motorola StarTac. Fast forward about 3-4 years ago I guess I stepped up to the smartphones and brought an AT&T 8525 (which is sitting on my desk collecting dust because its worn out and broken). I love that phone. I think its the touch screen convenience paired with a physical QWERTY keypad and large screen.

    Anyways about a year ago the touch screen when dead and I had already literally texted the finish off of the buttons to where you couldnt tell what letter is was. Having to resort to my backup phone, a Razor, I've longed for another smartphone with better texting capabilities and internet. So that leads me to where I am today, in search of a better phone. My choices are iPhone, Blkbry Bold, or HTC Pure. When I had my 8525 oh it was great, better than iphone in every catalog except those apps plus it had the physical keypad. Now my wife has a BlkBry Curve, I think its a 8310 or 8320, and while I used to put her phone down too for various reasons I've gotten used to using it to surf since I couldnt on my phone. I'm concerned with how pages view though and would like to get see the browser before I make a decision. Do websites still look like they on the Curve?

    So sorry for chronicling my cell phone history but I hope to gain alot of knowledge here. Does anyone know where I can find pics that I mentioned earlier as well as a list of apps available for the Bold? I'm not a real business person and from what I understand the Blkbry is more for business than pleasure but I'm not a real techy guy that needs tons of apps either. I mostly use my phone to surf the web and text.... alot! I'd like to play some games if I'm bored and yea I would like an app that finds restaurants for me and such but its not a requirement.
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    I'm going to move this thread to Blackberry Discussion it will get more traffic and options there. Welcome aboard!
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    I returned the iphone and passed up the droids for 2 main reasons; Full QWERTY keyboards and battery life. Not to say those aren't great phones, but I think RIM does a great job in those two areas, and they are vital to me. You'll come to find that a lot of advice given on this forum is that it is all about personal preference. I would decide what is important and take the phones for a test drive with At&Ts 14 day (I think) return policy.

    Here are some strong points for Blackberry:
    1. Battery Life
    2. Easy to navigate operating system
    3. True multitasking
    4. keyboard
    5. Messaging and Push email can't be beat (if your wife has a Blackberry, you two will be hooked on Blackberry Messenger)
    6. Customization of the phone seems endless (by native settings and 3rd party apps)
    7. It may sound like a little feature, but the indicator light for missed calls and messages is HUGE.
    8. New webkit browser coming out soon for Blackberry (make sure you get the 9700 or later to be sure you'll get that). Until then, Bolt Browser and Opera Mini are great alternatives for full page rendering.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think oneshortsleeve hit the nose on the button. If you got the BB, you would like it I think. Android devices are fun to play with but drain battery quickly. iPhones aren't bad but they are iPhones. They do what they do but that's it. WM devices are hit or miss (Touch Pro 2 is a nice one though, or the HD2). BBs are just consistent and are always slightly improving each year.
    05-06-10 08:35 PM