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    Hi y'all,

    I've been hearing about memory leaks for awhile, never really noticed any problems with my 9780. Battery is pretty good. Running .650 os. Recently i've been trying to use the browser a lot more and have noticed that after about 20 mins of browsing going through approx 10-15 webpages with at most 2 tabs open, it starts to mess up. I would get msgs saying insufficent memory or something along those lines and the browser would just close. So I did a battery pull and then went into applications management to see how much mem was running on the browser and at the time it was at 1.7 mb. Then I opened the web browser and starting using it again (this time browsed thru 5 webpages). I exited the browser (menu key then close). I checked the mem in app management again and it was hovering around the 80 mb range. I checked it again half an hour later and it was still in that range. Is this a possible indicator that I have a memory leak??

    Thanks in advance..
    01-26-12 08:03 PM