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    I tried going to Pandora.com in browser and it told me my device was not supported. So I then tried in Opera Mini, and Pandora prompted me that due to liscence agreements it could not work with countries other than the US and that my IP address is coming from Norway...?
    Anyone had this issue? Is it possible to get to Pandora.com from your blackberry?
    08-21-08 02:48 PM
  2. iamjoel5's Avatar
    Has anyone found a way to use Pandora on a Blackberry AT&T?
    08-21-08 02:51 PM
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    08-21-08 03:00 PM
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    That link doesn't work either, from a BB device. I use Not logged in | Moodio to listen to streaming radio feeds. Not the best but it's FREE!
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    08-21-08 03:25 PM