1. KKrusher's Avatar
    I am based in Montreal and made a purchase of a Z30 from shop.blackberry.com on Boxing Day.

    Order submited: Z30 black for $250.00 CDN on dec 25/2014 - received a confirmation of order.

    Order confirmation: confirmation received the same day

    Subtotal: $250.10
    Shipping: $14.43
    Tax: $39.62
    Total: $304.15
    Discount: $249.00

    Order shipment: received confirmation on December 27/2014. Shipment by fedEX.

    Here is the FedEx log for the shipment.

    Date/Time Activity Location
    12/29/2014 - Monday
    11:47 am Delivered MONTREAL, PQ

    9:32 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery SAINT-LAURENT, PQ

    7:46 am At local FedEx facility SAINT-LAURENT, PQ

    5:20 am International shipment release - Import MIRABEL, PQ

    3:27 am At destination sort facility MIRABEL, PQ

    12:14 am Departed FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN

    12/28/2014 - Sunday
    3:26 pm In transit MEMPHIS, TN

    11:51 am In transit MEMPHIS, TN

    11:30 am In transit MEMPHIS, TN

    3:41 am Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN

    12/27/2014 - Saturday
    8:21 pm Departed FedEx location INDIANAPOLIS, IN

    12:43 am Left FedEx origin facility INDIANAPOLIS, IN

    12:32 am Left FedEx origin facility INDIANAPOLIS, IN

    12:32 am Arrived at FedEx location INDIANAPOLIS, IN

    12:12 am Picked up INDIANAPOLIS, IN

    12/26/2014 - Friday
    2:30 pm Shipment information sent to FedEx

    A smooth purchase with no problems. FedEx delivered a brand new Z30 unit.
    FedEx just handed me the box in exchange for a signature. No additional
    charges were required.

    I have seen several posts about problems with shop.blackberry.com.
    I just wanted to post in order to show that Canadian residents can purchase
    safely and with no problems. I just wish they had a Z10 in stock -
    I would have ordered one also.

    Best wishes to all for the New Year.

    12-31-14 12:30 PM
  2. Tkarps's Avatar
    I had almost the exact same experience with my white Z30 order. It was ordered on the same day and arrived on the same day as yours. Shipping to Toronto.

    My white Passport order took about two weeks to arrive.


    Posted via CB10
    12-31-14 12:46 PM
  3. 2ndcrack's Avatar
    I ordered two phones from shopblackberry. I ordered my z30 in early November and it arrived in 4 business dates. I ordered my passport during the black Friday sale and it took two and a half weeks, 12 business days. In both cases the shipping notice was sent in the wee hours the same day the phone arrived. I would consider this to be pretty good service in both cases. I would have preferred an amazon-like estimate on the order page saying something like "usually ships within 10-15 business days" on the passport, in which case I would have considered the service perfect.

    Posted via CB10
    12-31-14 06:15 PM
  4. chuckm2000's Avatar
    On a positive note ... ordered my Passport from the Blackberry store the day after Boxing Day, and it arrived via FedEx the following Tuesday. No extra charges, I simply got the box in exchange for my signature.

    The phone works beautifully. After several years enjoying Android, this is a new breath of fresh air.
    12-31-14 06:25 PM
  5. Bold_until_Hybrid_Comes's Avatar
    Paid shill sorry

    Posted on my Passport via CB10
    01-01-15 01:28 AM

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