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    When I set up my 8220 to get Internet mail from my companies Exchange Server, I can receive email but not send. Our company, like many others use inbound port 587 for email submission by external POP3 clients. ( Exchange 2007 uses tcp port 587 by default for email submissions by POP3 clients ).

    When configuring Internet mail on the BB, the smtp submission port was not an optional configuration. Does the Blackberry "system" automatically check for port 587 on the specified email server or does it just use port 25 with no user option ?

    One reason 587 is preferred over 25 is that many ISP's do not allow residential customers to send on port 25 - except to the ISP's email servers.

    So hopefully Blackberry should test for submission to our Exchange server on 587 even though it doesn't ask for that info in the setup.

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