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    I have a BB 8330, It has a IT Policy Name: Google Map Policy

    I have tried to reset it several time, Then Download OS updates to now avail.

    IT Policy Name: Google Map Policy is still there.

    How can I get it off so I can use my phone for email, Apps, Etc.

    I'm lost at this point, I don't know what else to do or try,

    Can someone PLEASE help???????:
    02-17-11 12:56 PM
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    Look at this thread

    It will successfully remove the IT policy provided you are running OS 4.3 or better.

    If this phone is a part of your copany's BES system then I syrongly advise not removing the IT Policy. IT Depts. get very annoyed when the see their securtiy systems being compromised.
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    02-17-11 01:01 PM
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    If your BB is on a corporate BES server, not only should you NOT do this, as it would be in violation of your company's policies (I'd assume), but chances are it won't matter anyway, since the IT policies would just be re-applied anyway.

    If you have a used device that has a pesky IT policy still in place that you can't get rid of, and have every right to, then I'd check out Pete6's link.

    I've generally in the past used JL_Cmdr to do a FULL wipe of the device, then re-load the software, since a standard security (low-level) wipe doesn't remove the existing policies, nor does an OS re-install. I'll probably try Pete6's method the next time though...it seems a bit easier.
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    02-17-11 01:20 PM
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    No This is my phone, The kansas state surplus sold several of them because they upgraded, Their IT person was suposed to clean them but he did not, He dropped the ball, the state since removed their BB server, now they can't do anything about it, So now I'm left to get online to get the help.
    02-17-11 03:22 PM
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    It that case you can use Pete's procedure without any worry about IT security. It will solve your problem.

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    02-17-11 03:25 PM
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    Also, Where do I get the CrackUtil.exe file?

    02-17-11 03:25 PM
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    Also, Where do I get the CrackUtil.exe file?

    Here http://forums.crackberry.com/f35/crackutil-85617/ at the end of my first post.

    Here's the full fix for making CrackUtil work under Windows 7
    I run Windows 7 x64 on all my PCs and I found that CrackUtil would not run after installation until I did this.
    - Install as normal.
    - Open up the root folder of C:\ in Computer
    - Open up a second window pointing to C:\Program FIles x86.
    - Drag (Move) the CrackUtil folder from Program FIles to C:\
    - Open C:\CrackUtil and right click on javaloader.exe.
    - Select Properties and then Compatability.
    - Set to run as administrator
    - Repeat this with CrackUtil.exe.
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    02-17-11 03:27 PM
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    Hello Pete6

    I found the file, Ran it, I just ran the ( Reset It Policy ) Came up and said error 510 and reset, I did the reset then it rebooted, I checked for IT Policy,
    It used to say: IT Policy Name: Google Map Policy. Now it's gone

    then I checked the firewall, it says disabled, It used to say enabled.

    I can't thank you enough, Thanks to people like you. Thanks So Much.
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    02-17-11 04:18 PM