1. leenancarrow's Avatar
    I have been syncing my blackberry bold with my contacts/calender and tasks on entourage 2008 for a while now and it has been working fine.

    Then suddenly about a week ago the syncing would hang in between switching from contact syncing to calender syncing.

    I have trawled the internet forums for answered and tried everything they seem to suggest but with no joy.

    Has anyone got any new ideas????
    04-15-09 06:37 PM
  2. balzola's Avatar
    Did you solve your problem? It happens exactly the same to me; after months of nice work, it now blocks during sync, between contacts and calendar and... no way out! I reinstalled everything, included the update, and restarted the device, but still the same. I guess that a pernicious hidden file is doing this but do not know how to locate it. Any help will be appreciated.
    05-25-09 12:15 PM