1. cvandoren's Avatar
    Has anyone had problems with the tract ball after u put the phone in your pocket?
    05-26-08 10:20 PM
  2. uncheels23's Avatar
    Ya lint is very bad for it either use the pouch that came with it or buy a holster
    05-26-08 10:22 PM
  3. ERDude's Avatar
    No problems here but I use the pouch that came with my sCurve
    05-26-08 10:29 PM
  4. editionfws's Avatar
    i have a skin which does not cover my trackball or anything even close to it, and i put my phone in my back left pocket every time and i never have a lint issue... but i think theres more lint in the front pocker than the back...
    05-26-08 10:33 PM
  5. cuban_dudeca's Avatar
    I use a skin as well as the holster so I don't put my bb in my pocket.
    05-26-08 10:36 PM
  6. cvandoren's Avatar
    Ok thanks I will look into a. Holster for it
    05-26-08 11:17 PM
  7. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    i use a holster
    when im at work i use the front pocket of my smock a lot of times and i have never had an issue of lint
    got whipped cream on my ball on time though...
    05-27-08 12:48 AM
  8. Ponderous's Avatar
    I use a holster with no problem.

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    05-27-08 09:43 AM
  9. stevebtx12's Avatar
    I have a skin (which doesn't protect the trackball) for my Curve, keep it in my pocket all the time, and haven't had any issues with it. Maybe my pants are low lint...
    05-27-08 10:22 AM