View Poll Results: If you download the new version of Blackberry Appworld from the page to the my phone?

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  • Do not attempt to download applications during that same session.

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  • Download applications during that session,but reset the phone.

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  • I have to update computer software for AppWorld as well.

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  • Clear existing applications on phone and start over with option #1.

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  • Delete exisisting applications and start over with option #2.

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  1. 6kidd's Avatar
    I have just traded phones (Buying my 1st B.B. Bold) after having been a Curve user over the years. At any rate,I went to BlackBerry App World to download the apps I've got in the 'My World' section,and at 1st all was going well,but then nothing but problems. It stopped downloading at an application that is no longer offered,or just not offered on the Bold...and Poof! I consistently get a message stating that there is a 'Client Plugin Error' and now nothing seems to be downloading...My phone doesn't even show up as being plugged in anymore. Is there anyone out there that has gotten themselves out of this type of predicament? If so, how do I do it? A response as soon as possible would be brilliant... Sure,I can go into the App world section of my phone and download the apps 1by1.. (Even tho I've got a ton of apps and that wouldn't be pleasant) but it's beside the point.. I want to know how to rectify this issue!

    Thanks..You're helping someone going Mad!!
    09-11-11 12:42 AM