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    I like BlackBerry. I have 9900 and I think it's the best keyboard there is. I see my friends using iPhone and that makes me miss some apps (Skype, Facetime-esque, official Amazon Kindle etc.) but overall I am still quite happy with my Bold 9900. I tried using Android for few weeks and then I tried using iPhone for couple of months but I missed my 9900 keyboard and so I got back to BB. Since iPhone came into the market, RIM has continually disappointed by releasing products that catered more to carriers and less to 'us' - the end customers. Eg: no support for VoIP, Skype etc on BB phones simply because they didn't want to upset the carriers. Whereas Android and Apple went ahead with features that us-the-consumers wanted. Anyway, for me to move to iPhone or Android, all it'd have taken would have been a Bold quality keyboard. But in last 5 years, both Android and Apple devices didn't come up with a keyboard that could hold its own in comparison to BlackBerry's. So, I stuck with BB.

    Now, BlackBerry 10 seems like a great OS. The pictures I have seen are great. It looks like I'd finally be able to install nice apps and stay with BlackBerry. Conversely, if Apple/Android came up with a great keyboard tomorrow, then people might be tempted to move to Android/Apple.

    So, with BB 10, RIM really needs to do a LOT! Not only does the app-catalog need to be stellar at launch (all big name apps - like Skype, Netflix should be there) but also there ought to be an amazing marketing push.

    If BB 10 comes to market and it is built around us (and not just the 'carriers') then I pledge to stay with BlackBerry. I also pledge to convince at-least one non-BlackBerry user to buy/try BlackBerry 10! All RIM has to do is:
    • a) launch a great hardware/phone on time (Jan 30 seems so far already) and it sounds like that's already taken care of.
    • b) Support top consumer-demand apps (Skype, true VoIP etc) - not sure where RIM is at on this. I am afraid that it might still cater to/or prioritize carrier demands over customer-demands! and carriers would love to have features that allows them to cripple our BlackBerry!
    • c) offer fanatical support to developers writing apps for BB.
    • d) possibly support normal data plan so that I don't have to convince people to change their data plan! Or provide some sort of ability to temporarily bypass NOC/BIS/BES. Specially when international roaming. This is actually another example of how carrier-friendly and non-customer friendly feature this is! If I am on roaming, I am forced to pay roaming charges because I simply can not use a normal data pre-paid SIM card from the country I am visiting. If I do that, my BB data stops working pretty much. Most 3rd party apps don't work either.

    If RIM does this, RIM will continue to have me as a customer PLUS (at least) 1 more customer that I have pledged to bring to RIM. If all of us make this pledge, RIM will be laughing its way to bank and we will end up with an excellent product!
    11-28-12 02:10 AM
  2. Rello's Avatar
    If you're gonna do all this pledging.....I kinda feel like u need to be paid to do it.

    Just let them make a great product and hopefully people will eventually come
    11-28-12 02:21 AM
  3. Rolsi's Avatar
    Hi, Kevin, Why dont we start a survey to find out how many here will buy a BB10.
    11-28-12 03:38 AM
  4. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I will buy at least the London, possibly the N.
    However, I won't try to convince anyone of anything. That's a personal decision for each person.

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    11-28-12 05:10 AM
  5. dark0ne_'s Avatar
    Price for the N version?

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    11-28-12 05:28 AM
  6. xandermac's Avatar
    It strikes me as a little odd to pledge to buy something that hasn't been seen or priced yet, especially on some unsuspecting friends behalf. As for app support I'm going to assume that it will continue to be a catch 22, no apps without consumer demand, no consumer demand without the apps. I guess we'll see what happens.
    11-28-12 07:29 AM
  7. chrysaurora's Avatar
    Why is this an odd pledge? All it boils down to is this : here is my wishlist, if the new device has it, then I am in. Not only that, I'd also try and convince my non-BlackBerry user friends to give the new BlackBerry a try. My iPhoney (hehe) friends keep pushing me to buy an iPhone as my primary device. But they haven't managed to convince me yet. Why? Because I love BlackBerry keyboard. If Android or iPhone had a Bold like keyboard, I think I'd have moved over to Android/iPhone a few months ago.

    So, anyway, why can't I do the same if BlackBerry releases a product that gives me my wishlist of features (top apps, good hardware, support to developers, and possibility to use non-BB data plan for some cases/features)? Why can't I show-off my new BlackBerry that does everything I wanted it to do and urge my friends to give it a try?

    Except for the items I highlighted in orange above, I think RIM has taken care of the rest of my wishlist already. They may have even taken care of apps but we won't know until release. They may have also taken care of allowing user to use normal data plan for certain cases (I know they were de-linking PIN and migrating to BB ID) so maybe atleast 3rd party apps or browser will be able to work on a non-BB plan. But we'll see at release where they are at.

    Re: catch-22: yes, I understand that developers will develop apps for popular OSes; and ordinary folks will buy OSes that support a lot of apps. So, how do you escape the catch-22? Simple: the company behind the product (BlackBerry) should make tremendous effort to get the high-demand apps. RIM already makes apps for Facebook, Twitter. They could workout similar arrangement with other top-apps too!

    Here is a list of 30 apps (random link I found on Google: http://www.itproportal.com/2012/09/0...e-iphone-apps/). RIM should either get these apps to develop for BB10 or if they don't, then RIM should get it's own internal team to develop/port/migrate these apps for BB 10. Their internal team already does this for Facebook, Twitter etc.

    Re pricing: I didn't mention pricing because I took it for granted that the pricing will be better/competitive in comparison to iPhone, Galaxy.
    11-28-12 10:05 AM
  8. blackhawksfan75's Avatar
    Search should be your best friend, already a thread on this - Join the pledge to buy BB10 on release!
    11-28-12 10:24 AM
  9. o4liberty's Avatar
    If BB10 is all what is cut out to be then yes I will purchase a keyboard model for sure! But I am taking the wait and see approach to make sure the new product has what it takes to succeed.

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    11-28-12 10:32 AM

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