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    Let me spell out the problem, I'll give all the info I have and Hopefully you can help!

    I'm currently working on a project for our sales team at AwesomeCompnay USA, what we want to do is send tutorial's out on different sales aids and such... Anywhoo, our organization uses BB but we've run into this problem.

    1. You CAN NOT open email video attachments (.avi, .mp4, .3gp ect.) I've tried every format possible, I've even made it a .zip and unzipped it on the BB to try and view... No luck.. (its under 4mb)

    2. Did I mention I tried to make it a .zip? Just so I can download the attachment.?

    3. Since we're making the presentations in Adobe Captivate, we could export as a .swf... but of course BB's don't use flash... so that dosen't help

    4. We've tried loading the .3gp file onto an HTTP server and loading it from the server... its under 4mb file.

    5. Tried embeding it into an HTML page using several different code settings, quicktime, windows media player, .3gp.. ect. NO LUCK

    --- Not sure how MSN does it:

    The video's on this page show we'll on our blackberry's, so we'd like to use whatever method they are using, but looking at there source code I didn't see anything that could help.

    I WOULD JUST LOVE to know how to get this all working!

    Any thoughts or solutions welcome.

    Thanks so much

    - Painful Yours
    02-23-09 03:23 PM
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    bump :/... mod maybe move this to the best section?
    02-24-09 02:26 PM
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    fine i give up
    03-02-09 12:56 PM