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    Ok I've posted about this before and didn't get any constructive answers about it.

    The new App World searches show only 25 results until you scroll to the bottom of the page. Then it gives you 25 more and sends you back to the top. I like sorting by rating. It would make sense if it showed every app available with all of your top results in that first 25, but instead it mixes the results with 4 star and 3 star ratings in that first 25.

    Then when you scroll back to the top it will show you new 5 star rated apps that it didn't show you in the first batch of 25.

    I spent almost an hour searching through apps the other day to find a 5 star rated product that I loved and ended up buying. But I had to scroll to the bottom each time and search through them all again 9 different times before I found one that should have showed up within the first couple of seconds.

    I know there's got to be a way around this that I'm just not seeing. I've tried everything in the App World to find somewhere to change this setting.

    Call me an if you'd like if the answer to my question is obvious, but I cannot seem to figure it out. To be clear, I want to see all of the possible apps out there with 5 stars in the first set of results, and not having new ones reappear after I scroll to the bottom.

    Thanks in advance.
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    01-12-12 01:56 PM
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    Hey dben89...

    When you do your search or whatnot based on keyword, you then clicked the top middle section to filter out to 3+ Stars.

    THEN, what you do is... just to the right of where you selected your filter, is a tiny target looking icon. Click that and you get your sorting options.

    - target looking icon = best match
    - trophy icon = popular
    - A = app name (alpha)
    - $ = price
    - star = rating
    - asterisk = newest

    I think if you select the star icon, all your 5-stars will be up top. Sorry if that wasn't what you were asking about.

    Edit: actually, I don't seem to get batches of 25. If I search for something that has 100 hits, I see all 100 by scrolling up and down. What version of Appworld are you using (I am using

    Edit2: on the offchance you meant using the desktop browser for searches, I tried that too. When I select to sort by Rating, it puts all the highest rating ones first, and it seems to work on page 2, page 3, etc.
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    01-12-12 02:30 PM
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    I have too. Using it on my BB torch 9800.

    It gives me 25 results with the highest rated ones first. But it shows me about 5 results with 5 stars, 5 results with 4 stars, 5 results with 3 stars, etc.

    When I go to the bottom, it will take me back to the top and give me 25 more results in addition to the first 25 to make a total of 50. Then when I scroll to the bottom again, it will do the same thing and I'll have a total of 75. Then 100, 125, 150, etc.

    The problem is, when I get to around 250 results after wasting my time to go through this process 10 times, with each time taking longer, I see about 50 apps with 5 star ratings; all of these are apps that I would like to see when I first search for apps according to rating.

    It seems ridiculous that it should be set up like this, with no way around it. And I'm sure there is a way around it, but I cannot figure it out.
    01-12-12 03:19 PM
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    I'd be interested in a solution myself, such a waste of time to have to scroll through apps you've already seen.
    01-12-12 08:07 PM
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    Well said. Waste of time to not be able to see results that should be at the top of the list until about 45 min of searching as well
    01-12-12 09:45 PM
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    Any updates on this...? I would like to use the app world but every time I go on it just frustrates me knowing I'm wasting time.

    Customer service.... 0 iPhone here I come
    01-16-12 01:53 AM
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    Any updates on this...? I would like to use the app world but every time I go on it just frustrates me knowing I'm wasting time.

    Customer service.... 0 iPhone here I come
    Is that the most important thing to you on a phone, searching for apps?
    01-16-12 01:59 AM
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    Woops, forgot to check back here. Not sure what to suggest, when I do a search and sort by rating, I see a hundred apps sorted highest rating to lowest.

    I can't see it being OS specific although it's a possibility; scanning the posters looks like OS5/6 users having this problem. Can any OS7/7.1 users chime in?
    01-17-12 01:06 PM