1. 8520newbie's Avatar
    Help! I have seen this problem tackled elsewhere, but only for employees who are on a BES. I am not one of these. I'm an individual BB user, and it is my personal phone.

    When someone sends me a meeting request it fails to appear on my BB. Doesn't seem to matter what type of account or server they have. I have tried sending myself invites from my work email, which is seperate to the Yahoo one I use at home and which is synched via Outlook to my BB. The same thing happens. The meeting invite does not appear on the BB.

    I've seen that some people find the meeting goes straight to their BB calenar. That isn't happening with me.

    A meeting request DOES arrive in my Yahoo account, and then comes through to my Outlook inbox. But NEVER comes to my BB. The only way to get items onto the BB calendar is via a wired synch using the Blackberry Desktop Manager. But this is not helpful, as I am sometimes away from my PC for over a week.

    Please! Can someone help!

    Can anyone help resolve this?
    05-05-10 10:07 AM
  2. NurseBerryAddict's Avatar
    If you are using Outlook to manage mail which it seems you are then you need to have Outlook leave the mail on the server when it downloads your mail. Otherwise the BB can't receive the info from the mail server because Outlook already received it and deleted from the server. I make sure I always have Outlook shut down unless I want to only receive the mail in Outlook and not get it on the BB.
    05-06-10 05:58 AM