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    So I am traveling to Ireland in a few months and I need to figure out this whole international calling over the internet deal before I leave. So I have a bold 9650 for verizon and am planning on unlocking the phone if I needed to switch over to a prepaid sim card overseas.

    I set up a phone number with sipgate and another one with google voice, added the sipgate number and from what I can tell I can now make free calls to the US. If I add my google voice number to my friends and family it shouldnt take any of my verizon minutes. Plus, to make free calls overseas while in the US I am getting US numbers for the international numbers using Rebtel. From what I understand incoming calls are free so if I am called on my sipgate or GV number then I am good.

    Now my concern is when I go overseas. If I don't change my network I can use sipgate/GV/Rebtel to call home but I wonder if I will be charged at verizon's overseas rates as opposed to F&F. If I switch over to a prepaid card and do the same process I dont want my prepaid account being run down (at all ideally.)

    Can anyone help clear up if I am doing this right and how I can get free calling home when I am in Ireland?
    11-15-10 02:26 PM
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    11-15-10 07:59 PM
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    bumppppp can anyone help??
    11-16-10 06:52 PM
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    From what I can tell I have figured out how to call internationally for free from the US. Now If I only call the US using google voice or the US calls me from Ireland then, correct me if I am wrong, but Ireland calls will be free as well.

    Are there sim cards for a reasonable rate that have data as well?
    11-16-10 06:53 PM