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    I am trying to connect my BB 8330 to my work email account using the OWA. I have tried everything I can think of and everything that tech support can reccomend and it just won't work. What I am getting is a message telling me to verify my email address, user name, and password. I KNOW that all the info that I am entering is correct. I use this account @ work 5 days a week. I can also access my outlook account from home through the OWA so, again, I KNOW EVERYTHING IS CORRECT. I have been on the phone with my service provider 3 times and all they can tell me is the same thing, verify email addres, user name, and password. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!
    06-04-10 12:17 AM
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    06-04-10 05:53 AM
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    I used the Microsoft Outlook Connector and was able to link my live account to Outlook. Then I just did a sync from the Desktop Manager to/from my BB. Its really easy. And I like it so much.

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    06-04-10 11:32 PM
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    I have followed the steps for providing the OWA URL. It still gives me the same message...... Where do you find the Outlook Connector? Now I have tried setting it up through the browser on my BB and it is telling me that the URL i am providing is incorrect. I know it is not. I am looking @ my email on my computer right now so I know it is right.
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    06-05-10 01:17 AM
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    Google microsoft outlook connector and you should be able to find the download. It works pretty well.

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    06-05-10 07:09 PM
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    Maybe this will help ... In the Desktop Manager main menu, click the Synchronize icon. Then click "Configure - Synchronization". There will be a menu and the one you want is "Configure synchronization settings for my desktop program." Click "Synchronization" and follow the directions on the screen, making sure the DM works with Outlook (or whatever calendar program you are using on your computer).

    You can also select how it syncs - two way, or one way in either direction. When you get done with this, go back to the main menu and do a sync. Should work. There are additional options in the configure program, which will allow you to approve any changes (or not).

    PS - If you have a 3rd party calendar app, you would need to click on "Add-ins" in the configure menu to make sure your app is also synched.
    06-06-10 04:25 PM