1. Whitewave's Avatar
    Just bought a new 8320. When I connect the USB cable this message comes up. USB charging current is not sufficient. Verify that your handheld is connected to a powered USB charging source & that the proper driver is installed. I have a Powerbook G4 with Leopard. Can anyone help.
    The second problem, I have downloaded POCKETMAC, but when I try to browse the files on my phone (devise?) is says..."the devise does not have the necessary services".
    Can anyone please give this novice some advise.
    Much Appreciated
    09-27-08 09:36 AM
  2. Hyperplex's Avatar
    PocketMac does not allow you to browse the filesystem of your phone, to my knowledge. RIM promises a better Mac user interface in the coming year.

    Powerbook G4s are notorious for not delivering enough power to their USB ports to run higher powered devices. Your best bet is to get an external USB hub that plugs into a wall outlet *or* you can look for a double tandem USB cable that turns two usb ports into one to effectively double their power output.
    09-27-08 10:22 AM